Comedy Booking Agencies

A comedy booking agency can bring live standup comedians to your venue. Comedy booking agencies can help host live comedy in your comedy club or hotel lounge on a regular basis, plan a special comedy event for your civic organization, or deliver a memorable business meeting, 

A comedy booking agency is more than a talent agent. Our customers are the venues that provide a stage for our comics. A comedy booking agency is more specialized than a regular entertainment agent - we book a wide variety of professional standup comics - period. No DJ's, no bands, just the funniest people touring today!

Hysterical Management is a premiere comedy booking agency. We've been in business for over 15 years providing professional standup comedy.

Live standup is a welcome change of pace for patrons tiring of karaoke nights. A night of laughter can spark your civic club membership back to life with a new twist on your fund raising dinners. And, employees are energized at kickoff meetings where the corporate message is delivered with laughter!

It's so much fun and so easy, you'll be glad you found Hysterical Management. Check us out! You'll find that we're well respected in the industry, that we represent some of the funniest professional comics in the country, and we can help you present a fun-tastic night for everyone!

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