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“You Can Make Your Elks Lodge
Fundraiser A Sensational Success”

“A great night of fun, and fundraiser at the same time!”

Live Comedy
A Terrific Elks Lodge Fundraising Idea

Now, there’s music to the ears of the event coordinators ears. There’s a lot of pressure to plan and execute a successful fundraiser for your Elks Lodge. Budgets are slim. Some say membership interest is fading; many others say “they’re just tired, getting burned out”. And if your lodge is like most others, there is only a handful of members doing most of the work.

You can rejuvenate your membership, 
Execute a stunning fundraiser, and 
Everyone has a magnificent time?

Well, that would be terrific, right? Hysterical Management is recognized by many of our clients to have assisted them in exceeding their fundraising goals.  

“Our Comedy Night was an incredible success! … I laughed so hard, for so long, my cheeks still hurt!” – R. Whitman, OH

Imagine the fun of a professional live comedy show right in your own lodge!  I'm talking about REAL professional national touring standup comics.  Your lodge members will really appreciate the first class entertainment you brought to them.

Often times event coordinators will combine a quarterly Comedy Night with spaghetti dinner and a raffle. (What's up with spaghetti dinners and the Elks anyway?)  When dinner is about done, you or another "ham" in the membership are welcome to introduce the first act.  Then strap in, relax, and enjoy the fun.  Our comics will keep everyone in stitches for the next 90 minutes.

Our booking agent, (Carol Pennington - a comedy veteran of 20+ years) will call you at a convenient time to discuss your Comedy Night plans with you.  If there are no real plans, she'll help you hammer out the details.  Working with Carol is part of the fun!  You're going to have a great time chatting with her on the phone.  

Your Show Is Hand Picked
To Match Your Audience
No One Else In The Industry
Takes Such Care To Assure Your Success

Carol will ask you questions to get an idea of the kind of acts that would best suit your audience.  She has over 1,800 professional touring comedians to choose from, more than any other comedy booking agency in the country.  That's because comedy is all Hysterical Management does.  She'll send you promotional material of at least six comics that would be available for your show.  You can study the material she sends and select the two you would like.  

Your Show Will Have
Two Headliners!

That's right; two hilarious professionals to delight your audience.  Headline performers are “the main event” in typical comedy venues. Nightclubs for example will often have an MC (master of ceremonies) and a feature act on stage to warm up the audience before the headliner comes on. Our experience with comedy shows for lodges and clubs has proven that your audience doesn’t want or need a warm up. Everyone is already comfortable and ready to go – you're all on your “home turf”! So, we bring double-barreled laughter to your event.

We Deliver The Funny
Don’t Take Our Word For It;
We’ll Give You References!

We have lots of satisfied customers that will be delighted to talk to you on our behalf. How about another Elks Lodge or two; maybe someone you already know! The point is we will gladly provide several references for you to contact. In fact, we kind of push the idea. We really would like you to feel comfortable, and a reference from a trusted source seems to put people at ease. 

They’ll confirm;

  • The quality of our comics 
  • The careful handling of your account 
  • Our attention to detail 
  • Maybe offer some tips of their own to help your fundraiser!

Let's Get This Show On The Road!

It’s all pretty easy from here. You simply complete the form below; answer some really easy questions and send it off to us. We’ll call you on the phone the next business day!  

Tell us a little about what you have in mind, and we'll call you to discuss your first comedy night in detail!

Your Name
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code

How many people do you expect?

Do you have an area we can use as a stage?

Do you have a sound system?

When are you thinking of hosting your comedy night?

When's the best time to call?

How did you hear about Hysterical Management?

Anything else you think we should know?

That's it! Send this information (press the "Submit" button), and we'll call you on the next business day to discuss your plans in more detail.  See?  Wasn't that easy?

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